John DeCamp Survives Head On Collision

John DeCamp Survives Head On Collision

As if former Nebraska State Senator John DeCamp didn’t already have enough physical pain to deal with, last week his car hit an icy patch on a remote rural road and slid head-on into another passenger vehicle, spinning John off into a ditch. John was traveling at @ 50 mph when the accident occurred. The other driver had just turned onto the road, and was moving at a much slower speed.

John suffered a brain concussion, and was incapacitated during the 30 minutes it took for response crews to arrive. Thankfully, both drivers were wearing seat belts. The two drivers were the only people involved, and there were no fatalities.

John is recuperating well, and there is no indication of additional injury to his spine.

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  2. Bill Jarett says:

    My prayers from one veteran to another, one who is a TRUE Patriot. God bless you Mr.DeCamp, don’t give-up the fight.

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