Wikipedia Tries to Pass off Franklin Coverup as “HOAX”

Wikipedia Tries to Pass off Franklin Coverup as “HOAX”

DECEMBER 18, 2007

Wikipedia is once again trying to pass DeCamp’s book off as a “hoax,” even though A ONE MILLION DOLLAR JUDGMENT WAS AWARDED.

Numerous submissions have been made to correct this fraud by removing the word “hoax.”

So ridiculous is this attempt to disavow the truth behind this coverup, Wikipedia finally substituted “ALLEGATIONS” for the word “HOAX.” STILL NOT GOOD ENOUGH! This is NOT a HOAX or an ALLEGATION. This was PROVEN IN COURT to be REAL. Make your own investigation at [EDITOR’S NOTE: This valuable Wikipedia scanning tool, created by Virgil Griffith, was removed a year or so after this article was written. Allegedly, it exposed that the majority of content on Wikipedia was written or modified by intelligence agencies, such as CIA, DHS, etc. This was a valuable tool, which is sorely missed.]

Here is a screen shot of the Wikipedia article deliberately touting the falsehood that it was all a “hoax”:

Wikipedia Hoax

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I found this case by accident, it intrigued me, so I spent 2 days reading about it, everything I could find. Again, I am appalled at the state of our country. I am the kind of person who will search the WHOIS before I ascertain if the site if beleivable, and not always successful, it aids in my research for the truth. It used to amaze me, that our social conditioning has led 95 percent of our citizens into sheepism. As I watch our freedoms decay, I realize where this conditioning started, kindergarten. The conditioning implemented worked. Just look at all the conditioned Americans who are so accepting of our loss of freedoms that are being striped away daily by false flags and socialistic principals. And they think we are free.

  2. And now “Wicked”-pedia is being positioned as the “new Encyclopedia Britannica” and given Number One Page Ranking in Google search engine results. You wonder why people are so completely brainwashed.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ah, but is there really a free range source for gathering information that is not skewed or flawed? Wicked pedia is certainly not the only source to obtain definitions/mini-informational blips, is it?

    The previous comment regarding the brainwashing of the sheep is completely accurate…Anyone ever read 1984 by George Orwell? It is a (ficticious)parallel to what is now happening so many years later in our own country…freedoms completely stripped away, Big Brother constantly watching your every move…Digital TV? There was definitley a reason to switch over to digital so that eventually, your TV will act as a two way monitor and the government will be able to surveil you in your home. We have become a fascist country, under a dictatorial leader of the NWO. I strongly recommend everyone read the article called: WHY THE END OF AMERICA IS CLOSER THAN YOU THINK by Mike Adams, Health Ranger, Natural News, Editor
    Peace Out.

  4. John DeCamp says:

    Hey, Wikipedia, Have you actually done any actual research on the Franklin Case & the book I wrote about it. For example: The former Police Chief of Omaha (A Key character in the book) has sued me three times now for his losing his job & supposedly being defamed by me via the book and in all the trials & appeals he has tried I have WON HANDS DOWN, NO HOLDS BARRED. I say now as I said at the time I got involved in Franklin & at the time I started writing this book: I WOULD NEVER HAVE BELIEVED THESE CLAIMS AND STORIES BY THE CHILDREN IN THE FRANKLIN CASE–UNTIL I WAS FORCED TO BELIEVE THEM BY MY OWN IN-DEPTH INVESTIGATION & BATTLE TO SAVE CHILDREN & MY OWN SANITY. FRANKLIN IS A TRUE HORROR STORY OF WHAT CAN HAPPEN IN AMERICA WHEN WE ALL LOOK THE THE OTHER WAY & ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION. Go ahead, check out anything I said in the Franklin Cover-Up Book & dare me to verify & prove it. WHEN I win, You then report that fact to the American Public & gain a little credibility for WIKIPEDIA. Why? Because, right now after reading your history of BOGUS REPORTS ON THE FRANKLIN COVER-UP YOU HAVE LOST YOUR CREDIBILITY WITH ME. RESPECTFULLY, JOHN W. DECAMP, AUTHOR.

  5. anybody wh states “went to get life-saving chemotherapy” cannot be serious or else are seriously fooled and lacking in most fundamental research skills (2 sides of any story) see aaron russo article
    about wicki they reported from newspapers-but missing are-
    -1mil $ ORDER to king- but king refuses to obey court order to pay says “no funds”-lol
    judge has not put him back in jail for this-was jail a means to keep him alive
    -wicki says alisha did 4 1/2yrs jail for perjury(lying) despite many victims-she did 10 incl the fist 2 yrs in solitary confinement-longest in history of us
    -alisha did NOT come forward but was FORCED by police investigator CARDORI or else “obstruction of justice”
    -wicki omit judges refused to have new hearings & release alisha -when bonacci was admitted by court as saying truth- court contradicts self
    -wicki DID include fact that alisha s attorney abandoned her “b/c alisha was go to commit perjury” but that this attorney later admitted having relationship with alishas opponent police officer testiy vs her
    -wicki does not mention king s childhood even not one word-was he a boystown child? did boystown teacher abuse him-/was start of this whole thing in kings childhood or before even?this is important testimony-if king had testified this could have closed down boystown 500mil/year business-and priests would have to give up mil$ PIMPING & go on welfare instead of the boys mothers(gov could pay salary to mothers/grandmothers then no need for orphanages/foster etc)-capitalism built on slaves (defenceless if have no family-create orphans-take the cattle away from the cow”)
    -wicki did mention archdiosese was first charged but then dropped (b/c orphanages and schoolteachers are seen as “indispensable ” to “help” children- but its the schools get rich not the children or mothers-they slave to pay for this “charity” by expected to pay back with sex work/rape- charities are MAGNETS FOR CHILD RAPISTS/CHILD LABOR “VOLUNTEER “LABOR
    -wicki could have refered to movie “IF” in 70 s- rich british boarding school abusing boys
    -wicki not nmention troy boner death soon after king out of jail- and soon after de camp book came out (saying troy cd testify vs king) asking for new trial to accuse & return to jail king & his continuing child traffickers-(incl bush etc )-this case should have been handled outside the law
    rich educated came down to the young poor s world- made their money “helping” young victims -then left behind murdered victims-witnesses
    true helpers will go get abusers and quietly stop them- with od on drug addictions or put on tranquilizers & commit them as insane & put in nursing home
    -who protect kids? mothers have all of the blame and NONE OF THE POWER -they dont have a big powerful UNION group to resist gov groups- like teachers and priests unions
    please join- we need big matriarchy groups- do it for the children
    act- its our fault men-problems CONTINUE
    – not wicki or other reporters

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