Uncle Sam Recruiting Poster was Modeled after Satanic Baphomet

Uncle Sam Recruiting Poster was Modeled after Satanic Baphomet

It makes sense that the famous Uncle Sam recruiting poster was inspired by the much older Satanic baphomet, because virtually all wars are provoked and instigated by the global mafia (out of City of London, UK, directed by Rothschild bankers), to make huge profits and reduce populations (as well as to use soldiers as guinea pigs to test their manufactured diseases, and trauma-based mind control experiments)

Israel is currently trying to coerce the US into fighting their war with Iran. They are having more difficulty than expected trying to drag us into this insane act, because so many people are awake and aware of the evil people and agenda behind it.

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  1. GuitarMan says:

    “It’s the JEWS, stupid” !!!

  2. fred says:

    Spent 10/15 mins on a deep comment but then your stupid software DUMPED it when I failed to notice your ‘DRAG TO SOLVE IT’ was not OPTIONAL!

    What a waste; this should fixed to WARN before losing your potential customers work!

    • So verrry sorry this happened to you. I know how frustrating it is! But I believe it is still better than wading through hundreds of porn spams, etc.
      PLEASE NOTE: I edited my template to add a warning.

  3. blah says:

    it’s the Jewish people who chose to deceive. There are all types serving evil followed without having to say all types serving for good. One fence, two sides. yaya

  4. blah says:

    I meant Jewish people who decide to deceive. Not all Jewish people are choosing. In simile to Americans as well as anyone in the world. Fact is fun. Watch the movie Pi by: Daren Aarenofsky. Good movie. Explains how so many are after the main character’s knowledge on the fibonacci sequence’s golden spiral in pertinence to nature’s design and how it is applicable to any and all. Leonardo Pisano Bigollo’s introductory mathematical exercise created a cluster of branches from his time till now. Interesting. Apologies for anyone who is knowledgeable of this information and thinks/feels I am rubbing in the face of axiom. Merely sharing fun facts in relation to previously said subject matter at the top of the page. I choose ambiguity for safety reasons, but would rather for the sake of knowledge share. Hope your days are well/healthy.

    bye for now

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