Trump Successfully Fights Worldwide Pedophile Ring

Trump Successfully Fights Worldwide Pedophile Ring

On February 23, 2017 Donald Trump held a meeting in the White House to direct the Dept of Justice, Dept of Homeland Security, and others, to use the “full force and weight of our government at the highest levels” to end the Human Trafficking epidemic domestically and internationally (while Trump-bashers stubbornly cling to the delusion that Trump is an “isolationist” without a global conscience).

Immediate Results Seen Worldwide

Navy Seal Craig Sawyer credits Trump for making a Huge Difference

On May 1, 2017, former Navy Seal Craig Sawyer reported that Trump is already making a huge difference. Sawyer, who is a presence on multiple media platforms, including movies, tv shows, talk shows, etc., recently rallied his military and navy seal friends to take down global pedophile networks, by launching his website,

Craig says that over 3,000 pedophiles belonging to an elite satanic pedophile ring have been arrested, yet the mainstream media is silent.


Top Vatican Expert: Trump Behind Takedown Of Global Vatican Pedophile Network

In July 2017, Vatican expert Leo Zagami detailed events surrounding the Vatican finance chief and senior advisor to Pope Francis, Cardinal George Pell, being charged with multiple sex offenses. He credits Donald Trump for making it possible.

Mainstream Media is Silent

Why don’t you see more on mainstream media about Trump’s global war on pedophiles and child trafficking? Because the news media is believed to be owned and operated by the SAME PEOPLE WHO OPERATE THE PEDOPHILE RINGS, which they use to compromise politicians into doing their bidding.

Now do you understand why mainstream media attacks on Trump are so relentless and desperate?

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