Rusty Nelson – Interview of former Franklin Photographer

Rusty Nelson – Interview of former Franklin Photographer

Free Range Humans Interviews former Franklin Photographer Rusty Nelson

Rusty, we are glad to know you are alive. Many people are concerned about you and wish you well. Thank you for your courage for updating us on what has happened to you.

While working as a photographer at Republican fund raisers, Rusty Nelson found himself in over his head in the Franklin Credit Union scandal. Because his photographs document pedophilia, murder and corruption at the highest levels of world government, Rusty has been relentlessly pursued for the past 20 years.

According to Rusty, without tangible evidence, he was jailed as a sex offender, and subjected to extensive CIA mind control techniques of sleep deprivation, mass drugging, and repatterning by endless loop tapes.

Rusty relates horrific tales of his incarceration.

My interview includes much more detail on Franklin matters, new information on Rusty’s programming, and a walk through the farm house which was violently raided to destroy the evidence that would have set him free. It even shows a photograph of a dapper young Rusty at the height of his Franklin heyday, in a leather tuxedo.

Rusty received a death threat just days before giving this interview. A complete stranger walked up to him in a store and sneered, “Do you want to end up like Troy Boner?” As most of you know, Troy turned himself in to a New Mexico hospital for protection, and the next morning was found dead. He had spoken out about Franklin, then recanted. I was understandably nervous about interviewing Rusty, as I did not want to feel responsible for his death. Michael Corbin also died not too long after interviewing Rusty.



Rusty risked his life and/or re-incarceration to grant this interview. So it disturbs me when I learn that Nick Bryant, author of the book, The Franklin Scandal, has convinced Paul Bonacci and others that Rusty’s accounts “don’t check out.”

It is my belief that Rusty us STILL heavily programmed and monitored. While incarcerated, he was instilled with powerful amnesia barriers. I witnessed what I would call a “searching” expression on his face when he seemed particularly vulnerable to suggestion. This is possibly due to trauma-based conditioning.

Bryant’s direct interrogation style seemed to trigger Rusty’s amnesia. In a relaxed, low-pressure setting, Rusty gained more complete recall. Because Bryant wasn’t able to break through Rusty’s amnesia barriers, he seems to have concluded that Rusty did not play a significant role in the Franklin scandal. Yet he opened his book with a scenario that acknowledges the significant threat to elite powers if Rusty’s photographs are ever made public.


Here is why I am rock-solid convinced that Rusty is telling the truth, and Bryant comes up short

In April of 2005, I was blissfully unaware of any details about the Franklin Cover-up, other than what I vaguely recalled from press reports back in the ’80s. Something about day care centers and a credit union. Not much.

Then, I received an email from a newsgroup, which linked to a new interview by Michael Corbin. I waded through the full three-hour interview, and my jaw dropped to the floor. This information, I knew, was IMPORTANT. But few people would sit through three hours. So, I spent an entire weekend capturing the audio and editing it down to 35 minutes.

While trying to upload the audio files to my server, I kept getting disconnected. I went back @ 3:00 am and it finally uploaded with no problem.

The INSTANT I posted an article on my blog linking to the audio files, those audio files received OVER THIRTEEN THOUSAND HITS WITHIN A FEW SECONDS. I sank back in my chair. What just HIT me?

“The ONLY explanation for the activity I see is some sort of government wiretap.”

I called my Qwest DSL tech, and asked if I just experienced a denial-of-service attack. He emphatically stated “NO. The ONLY explanation for the activity I see is some sort of government wiretap.” He transferred me to someone who confirmed “trouble” on my DSL phone line. Then I got the Blue Screen of Death, and ALL THREE of my networked computers were wiped out. The original audio of Corbin’s interview was irretrievably lost. Was that the objective? Corbin is now dead, under circumstances shrouded by questions. Judging by the attempts by many people to obtain a copy, his original 3-hour interview is apparently lost to the world.


For several days, I had to go to my local library to get my email. To log onto the internet, I had to use my library card, which linked to all my driver’s license info. No matter what time of day I was there, a police squad car always showed up at the front door, parked where he could see me through the glass, with a phone to his ear, for up to an hour, until after I left. By the third day in a row, it struck me. Was I being monitored? WAS SOMEONE WORRIED THAT I HAD OBTAINED PHOTOGRAPHS FROM RUSTY, AND MIGHT POST THEM ON THE INTERNET?? It all became terrifyingly REAL to me.

When I tried to compose a letter on the library computer to a local investigator, asking for help and advice, my words switched from English to Sanskrit. Again. And again. And again. I gave up.

Within days, I discovered that my brand new floppy drive, stored in a backpack in my bedroom, spontaneously developed this bulge in the metal, as if something had been inserted.

The drive developed this bulge without being touched, unless there was a sneak-and-peek in my home. What was inserted? I am still waiting for a volunteer with the expertise to determine what device was implanted, and its intended function. But the timing directly coincided with the other government surveillance activities.

Nick, perhaps you were not able to extract conclusive information from Rusty, but that does not discredit him. If you have proof that you believe discredits Rusty, please present it. You will have a hard time convincing me to dismiss him.

The following interviews are a must-watch for all serious seekers of truth regarding the Franklin Cover-up. PLEASE WATCH IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER FOR THE GREATEST UNDERSTANDING.








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  1. Anonymous says:

    I find it interesting that in Jan/Feb you are stating that Nick Bryant’s book “discredits” Rusty…How could you read it when it was not even completed yet? Now the book is out and you will see that Nick does NOT discredit Rusty. He does (as a journalist with integrity) point out that some of Rusty’s assertions he was unable to document or prove. Great job Nick for your research and professionalism!

  2. Anonymous – Why did you assume I read Bryant’s book? Read my statement again. In fact, I was told by Paul Bonacci himself that Nick told him Rusty’s information “did not check out.”

    Rusty has told me that, because Nick treated him so poorly, he refuses to give Nick full cooperation and disclosure. Rather than admit that, Nick trivilizes Rusty, and some extremely important material is missing from Bryant’s book, as a result. I repeat, NICK BRYANT COMES UP SHORT IN HIS CONCLUSIONS. Never said they were wrong. They are INCOMPLETE.

    Nick should stop “handling” Bonacci by ordering him to refuse all public contact, other than through himself. If Nick had treated Rusty as a human being, rather than a commodity for personal profit, then he would have been granted more complete information.

  3. Anonymous says:

    There is no way that EVERYTHING could be put into one book regarding “Franklin”. You are mistaken about Paul Bonacci. He has public contact all most daily in a Franklin based chat room Your response seems like you have a beef with Nick Bryant. Have you met him? Your last paragraph sounds like you are describing a previous author of another Franklin book not Nick Bryant.
    As an individual that personally knows all the authors and all most all the victims I would hope that your focus would be to promote and assist a just cause rather than trash the only triple documented authority on the subject.

  4. Anonymous [why don’t you identify yourself – and where you come from upon entering this debate? Your IP is Cox Communications in Omaha Nebraska – the very network, majority owned by the Bush family, which paid over $200,000 to buy and destroy the original “Conspiracy of Silence” and had it pulled from airing on the Discovery channel.

    Again, you make more assumptions – that I am trashing Nick’s book. To the contrary, I am grateful to him for bringing this subject to greater public awareness. If you are on the side of TRUTH, then surely you understand how many layers of deception there are in this case. I am only presenting the TRUTH about what I know.

    You are correct that one book could most likely not include everything – but Rusty Nelson’s photographs are at the VERY CORE of tangible proof regarding the Franklin scandal, therefore, absolutely essential to this particular book.

    I have no beef with Nick Bryant. Yes, I have met him and talked with him on multiple occasions. He is what I call “personality challenged.” Not the best with people skills. That does not necessarily prevent him from being an excellent investigator / author. But it did,in this case, prevent him from obtaining a more complete set of documentation.

    What proof can you present that the “Paul Bonacci” who is a regular in the Franklinfiles chat room is not some disinfo agent? I believe that he and his lovely wife who also chats there, are authentic. But, as you know, Noreen Gosch has been impersonated in the past. Why not an “invisible blogger”? I have no verifiable proof. Do you?

    If you can arrange a video interview with Paul Bonacci, I would be thrilled to present his own words to the public – without being filtered through Bryant.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Paul Bonacci was never handled by Nick Bryant and as far as Nick treating him badly I rather doubt it. As for the Paul Bonacci on Franklin Files that is in fact truely him. As for you wanting an Interview with Paul Bonacci Consider this it. As for you making claims that Nick speaks for me that is false. I Choose not to do Interviews with anyone It took Nick a very long time for me to trust him at all. As for you the things you have assumed about me only confirms that you are not one to do one with.
    I know you will doubt who I really am and I do not really care.
    No One would claim to be me.
    Paul Bonacci

  6. PLEASE NOTE: I have received conflicting messages from different parties who apparently have personal issues between themselves. No one would benefit from posting them publicly.

    I stood up for Rusty, which only made me a target. So many deep wounds on all sides. I only wish to help the healing. I am happy to discuss personal matters privately, but only through two-way conversations can we even hope to sort things out.

    If it continues to be abused, I will have to remove the option of Anonymous posting.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I trust no one. Parents need to wise up and keep their children close at hand. Hopefully in the next life these sickos will pay.

  8. Why didn’t you just take your hard drive apart in the presence of a professional comp expert? Then you would have known what that ‘bulge’ was. My best guess is a tracking device.
    You do however seem to have some of the most credible sounding opinions amongst all the conspiracy theorists out there.

    • I took it to a handful of computer experts and acquaintances who were computer geeks, but none of them felt qualified to open it up. Not only does it take some expertise to verify what part may not belong, it is also quite a challenge to reassemble the drive so it works again. I no longer have that laptop, so I don’t care if it is ruined. I believe I saved that drive. If you know someone who is up to the task, please contact me. My offer still stands to allow a qualified expert inspect it.

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