Michael Corbin – Radio Talk Show Host Dies

Michael Corbin – Radio Talk Show Host Dies

Michael Corbin – Radio Talk Show Host and Great American Patriot dies

Michael Corbin

Host of A Closer Look, the best Colorado truth radio program on the air, Michael Corbin, passed away approximately 3:00 pm today, Tuesday, March 18, 2008, from a massive stroke. Michael was a genuine leader among those who seek to bring truth to the public. He was a personal hero of mine, and made a major impact on my life. Michael you are loved and greatly missed. To post your memories of Michael and read messages by others, go to:

Remembering Michael

What was determined to be the cause of Michael’s death? His weight and his smoking were factors. But there are still more than a few questionable circumstances surrounding his death.

Michael, I am grateful for your work which forever changed my life.

You can read more about the impact of his interview of Rusty Nelson on my life by clicking


ADDED 2013/04/18

This website now has the dubious distinction of being referenced in Wikipedia. It mentions both Michael Corbin and Franklin photographer Rusty Nelson.

This “honor” is dubious, because it is blatant propaganda.

Wicked-pedia ONLY references Michael Corbin’s work regarding the paranormal. By the time I learned of Corbin’s work, he no longer focused much, if any, of his attention on these topics. In my opinion, his most important work had nothing whatsoever to do with such matters.

Wicked-pedia also posted an incorrect link to Corbin’s interview of Rusty Nelson. They actually link to MY interview with Rusty Nelson, bypassing the EXTREMELY IMPORTANT Corbin interview, which can be viewed here:

Rusty Nelson Interview by Michael Corbin 2005

YouTube constantly interferes with this interview, such as hiding the playlist from view, corrupting the links between the different parts, lowering the view counts, and hacking my website. Don’t let them obscure this important information.


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  1. tfbenjamin says:

    I am just today discovering all this Franklin Cover-up child sex trafficking, Johnny Gosch, Jeff Gannon, Rusty Nelson, Hunter S. Thompson, Barney Frank and Lawrence King mess. I am convinced there was/is government cover-up and this thing goes all the way to the white house and possible George W. himself. I wish there was something the average person could do about this. I know it is still going on even tho most of players in this sick game have changed.

  2. It not only goes all the way to the White House, it goes even higher, to those who use these tactics to take control of the banking system, our money supply, and our lives. They wish to rule the entire world.

    The most important step is to raise awareness of this Trillionaire Mafia and stop being duped and manipulated by them. En masse, we outnumber them 100 million to one.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What is the consensus on what happened to Michael Corbin

  4. Anonymous says:

    Very fishy, if u ask me…

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