John DeCamp Dies at Age 76

John DeCamp Dies at Age 76

John DeCamp passed away Thursday, July 27, 2017.

John DeCamp 2007

John DeCamp has passed. May he finally find relief from years of excruciating pain from a back injury suffered in Viet Nam. One of the brightest men I have known, his cognitive abilities deteriorated after a head-on car collision in 2011 [READ MORE]. He also reportedly suffered from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and resided in a VA hospital for his last 2 years.
The Omaha World-Herald’s obituary for John started and ended with sharp criticism. [READ]. It completely omitted what John is most noted for: obtaining a million dollar judgment awarded to Paul Bonacci in the Franklin Credit Union scandal. And it glossed over his seminal book, “The Franklin Cover-Up,” without even referencing the title.
I thought I’d set the record straight, at least as to what I know about John. I rather liked the man. He had me over for Superbowl. He invited me to his home for filming of a planned remake of “Conspiracy of Silence” with interviewer Nick Bryant, and producer Robert Altman’s son Bobby. He invited me to his Friday ritual of buying drinks at the local bar. He was so dominant a presence in his tiny town 20 miles south of Lincoln, Nebraska that the mayor adopted the campaign slogan “Take Clatonia Back” [from John DeCamp].

I witnessed John’s acts of kindness. After John’s good friend, Ted Gunderson, lured a couple to John’s town with promises of helping them start a website, he left them penniless and homeless. DeCamp came to their aid with food and shelter. I admired DeCamp for that. But years later, this same couple soured on DeCamp, for reasons I cannot elaborate.

When Ted passed away, his family could not afford burial, so John stepped up and covered Ted’s final expenses.

Regardless of your opinion on John’s personal life, we can be forever grateful to him for his book, The Franklin Cover-up, and for exposing pedophilia and corruption among the rich and powerful.

I interviewed John in 2007:

In my interview, John boasted an impressive list of accomplishments: being mentored by CIA Director William Colby, having lunch with Colby and Henry Kissinger at the Second Paris Peace Talks, being honored at the Kennedy Center for his Operation Babylift, which adopted @ 3,000 Amerasian children from Viet Nam, participating in several high-profile legal cases, and withdrawing cold-turkey from an Oxycontin addiction.

But John was also surrounded by darkness. Since my interview, I conducted deeper investigations into John’s involvement with the CIA’s Phoenix program and his many high-profile cases: the first lawsuit brought against the Catholic Archdiocese for pedophilia; the Oklahoma City Bombing, the Franklin Coverup, and the Columbine shootings. In each of these cases, John was one of only a few witnesses to exclusive evidence which was then buried from public view forever. In the Franklin Cover-up, the original video testimonies of 80 children were turned over to John’s friend, Ted Gunderson, who ensured that they passed from official record into the private hands of Ed Weaver, of the Nebraska Leadership Conference, where they apparently disappeared. Something about John’s involvement in these matters was not entirely on the up-and-up.

John enjoyed the notoriety of being the subject of political cartoons in local newspapers. A wall in DeCamp Legal’s law office featured many of them. One showed DeCamp beside a grave marked “Video Slot Machines R.I.P” and an Igor-style gravedigger asking “Do you really think we can bring it back to life, Dr. DeCampenstein?” John told me his favorite showed him being resurrected as Banking Committee Chairman after being buried several times.

I don’t believe John will be jumping back out of the grave this time.

As Ted Kennedy expressed at his brother’s memorial: He “need not be idealized, or enlarged in death beyond what he was in life.” John was not a saint. But he was widely admired and loved. We lost him too soon.

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  1. We says:

    I just finished his book recently. This whole case was new to me. I got the feeling from his book that he was probably informing the gov’t what was going on with Bonacci, Owen, etc.

    Your post makes me think so moreso.

    I read a few things about Gunderson. I didn’t know what you stated about him, but again, another who claims all this stuff AFTER they leave. They act like they want to help the victims & continue to victimize them again & help the gov’t cover all their bases. These people have no morals & really are evil.

    • FreeRangeHuman says:

      I appreciate your astute observations. So many people get wrapped up in the initial impression that DeCamp and Gunderson must have been “good guys” exposing government corruption. The truth lies much deeper. I now believe DeCamp and Gunderson worked as a “tag team” to bury evidence and do cleanup on the high profile cases.

      • Robert says:

        Are you serious? This does not make sense. John told you about his first strange encounter with Noreen and how they tried to keep him from knowing. How do you explain this? John is the reason why this story is even known at all. He came to Paul’s rescue in jail it is very hard to believe that John Decamp was even 1% “in on it”. Explain please

        • FreeRangeHuman says:

          What does not make sense? John was high-level CIA, where people believe they are serving the best interests of our government. For example, John was OK with “slaughtering” (his word) civilians in Viet Nam, since he offset those deaths by adopting 3,000 half-Vietnamese babies. Twisted logic in my mind. But no different from soldiers who risk their lives in wars for “America,” but in reality only serve global bankers. Did you notice that, in my interview, John refused to give details regarding Noreen and her husband? What did he know that he would not talk about?

        • Twaine says:

          I totally agree that these allegations about Decamp are likely a patented Jewish SMEAR job due to their subtle nature.
          The other feature is a layered attack where one “witness” is claiming to witness two; this makes it hearsay of HEARSAY.
          How many dumbed down Americans will even notice?
          DEMAND EVIDENCE, including affidavits and interviews with sworn testimony.
          NO ONE requires sworn testimony, as most are Jewish SHILLS, leaving us swimming with turds in the punch bowl!

          • FreeRangeHuman says:

            What specific “allegations about DeCamp” do you claim are a “Jewish SMEAR job”? If you are referring to my statements in this article, have you not read anything else on my website? This is obviously NOT a pro-Zionist site by any means. We tend to canonize people we look up to as saints after they die. While I liked and admired much about DeCamp, there are huge questions about his involvement with the CIA which deserve answers, not just what he would have you believe. For instance, how and why was DeCamp assigned such a prominent role in top-level federal cases? Why did the evidence in those cases disappear? (e.g., the testimony of 80 children in the Franklin Cover-up, the video evidence of Klebold and Harris in the Columbine shootings, and even the Murrah building evidence in the Oklahoma City bombing. John had a hand in every one of those cases.)
            Also, please note that my observations about John’s personal indiscretions were posted BEFORE this ridiculous #metoo campaign began! As for evidence, I can provide the unedited version of my interview with DeCamp BEFORE I edited out all the phone call interruptions from his wife and daughter, apparently because they did not trust him being alone with a woman for more than 10 or 15 minutes, even to film this interview.
            Do you classify EVERYTHING you don’t want to hear or disagree with as “Jewish”? What does that say about your credibility?

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