Israel is Bombing Syria — NOT the Russians

Israel is Bombing Syria — NOT the Russians

I have 100% reliable information that ISRAEL is dropping bombs on Syria, NOT RUSSIA. This information comes unsolicited from a family friend of over 30 years. He is excited to tell people about his service as a “good Christian” by coordinating investments of $200 Million generated through Focus on the Family, based in Colorado Springs, and one large donor in California. The money is being spent to establish another “Holy Land” university within 2 blocks of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.

This friend does not speak as openly about the following information: While in Israel, he was shown Israeli jets taking off, and informed that that every fifth jet was tasked with a mission to bomb a building in Syria. It is his role in the operation to make a phone call to the people in the targeted building in Syria, warning them in advance, so they can get people out.

Do you have any doubts that Christianity has been hijacked? Are we going to let the hijackers drag us into World War III?

ADDED APRIL 29, 2017, six months after my original post:

If you had any remaining doubt that ISRAEL is bombing Syria, to maintain conflict and chaos, here is validation from Syrian President Assad himself:


11/19/2016: State Dept still trying to blame Russia in recent hospital bombings, with NO PROOF.

Author and Journalist, talking with PressTV, explains why Syrian cease fires haven’t worked.


Why do you think globalists WITHIN the U.S. government are so desperate to blame Russia for everything but their crooked toenails? TO DEFLECT ATTENTION FROM THE GUILTY PARTIES — THEMSELVES!

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