Google Severely Attacked This Website – To Delist It

Google Severely Attacked This Website – To Delist It

On March 13, 2017, this website was SEVERELY hacked. ONLY GOOGLE could have added the user to my Google Account who launched that attack. At the heart of the attack was my interview of Rusty Nelson. That page, and a few others, were entirely replaced with Japanese jabberwocky.

That fake Google user, btw, used the moniker “jeuc.” What do you hear if you say that aloud? Possibly a coincidence, but you will notice several posts on my website exposing tyranny of those “who say they are Jews, but are not, but are the Synagogue of Satan.” They were probably letting me know who took down my website.

GOOGLE DE-LISTED MY WEBSITE from their search engine results.

Even after making me jump through several hoops, to prove ownership of the website, etc., Google STILL allowed their Japanese branch of Google to index fake URLs on my site, which harms my Google search engine results.

And now, the same tactic to delist my site has been picked up by Yahoo. Several times a day, I get visits from people searching with Yahoo’s Japanese search engine, getting results for non-existence pages on my site, apparently to lower my Yahoo search engine score.

All of this only validates the truth of my information. It’s all to censor Pedogate, folks. Please share.

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