What is the Purpose of this Website?

This website records my ongoing journey in search of Truth, after a shocking wake-up event in 2006. (Details are contained in this article: WAKE-UP). I was determined to find out who was responsible for wiping out my computer network and why. I was not prepared for how enormous the answer was, and how all-encompassing my search would become.

I found many more questions than answers, and layer upon layer of an onion so vast I wondered if I would ever mine down to a bedrock of Truth. Many of my heroes I met along the way turned out to be deeply flawed, and sometimes more harmful than the enemies they were supposedly fighting.

Through many disappointments, dead ends, and discouragement from family and friends, and after a decade of deep research, I believe I have attained an understanding that breaks down conventional boundaries and achieves a foothold in absolute Truth. Whether I can adequately express that Truth is the next step.

Here are snapshots of my attempt. I believe that, as long as I present Truth, the pieces will all fit together in the context of time.

We need each other to work together to preserve what is good in this world.