Why David Shurter’s Video was Taken Down

Why David Shurter’s Video was Taken Down

I worked to support David Shurter for about four years.

David Shurter Original v My Enhancements

I formatted early drafts of his book for the publisher. I enhanced his photo for a Paranoid Magazine article. I researched the subject matter and interviewed David to get his story out. After all that time and effort, I cannot confirm that David is credible, or honest. He is definitely not honorable.

David is a professional victim, with an unquenchable need for attention and sympathy, who tries to manipulate circumstances so to always appear as the victim, even when he is, in fact, the victimizer. He doesn’t know when to leave well enough alone. Even though I received 44,000 views, in March 2017 I took my interview down (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3FWNZqp_EI).

David treats his feelings and dreams as more or less equal to objective reality and hard evidence. His autobiographical book is largely based on this fuzzy logic.

David appreciated my interview so much that he invited me to join a professional cameraman for making a documentary about him. I spent hundreds of dollars in gas to oblige him. After I arrived, I discovered that David had not mentioned me to the cameraman, who wanted to make his own solo project. Naturally, he resented my presence.

After my arrival, David only wanted to “hang out.” He acquired a bag of weed, and smoked incessantly until it was gone. I believe it was during the beginning of this binge that David and the cameraman left to make the video which is posted on his YouTube channel. You can see how lethargic David is from being stoned.

Both the camerman and myself recorded while we were there. I did it LEGALLY, only recording conversations I was a party to, for the purposes of note taking, self-protection, and because I was there to DOCUMENT. Why would I NOT protect myself? David even said that it would have been fine with him, if I had only asked first. I was not legally obligated to ask, and I was open about it. The cameraman illegally eavesdropped on conversations to which he was NOT a party. He overheard David call him a “dick.” Instead of getting angry at David, he became enraged at me for simply agreeing. David told him to leave.

About the time David was finishing off his bag of weed, he noticed that I was recording.

That was it. He threw away years of trust and working together in that instant, apparently because he FELT betrayed. He told me to leave. I was fed up anyway at the lack of progress with the documentary. I left.

Instead of taking responsibility for his own mishandling, or apologizing for how poorly he treated me, David launched a public vendetta against me, posting personal information with malicious intent to hurt me and trying to harm my reputation. But he failed. He lumped me together with a character named Doug Mesner, who goes by Lucien Greaves, spokesman for the Satanic Temple. My website clearly opposes everything Greaves promotes. David shredded what remained of his credibility.

If David wants me to post audio evidence of our conversations to defend myself, then he can continue disparaging me and posting lies about me.

David Shurter relishes playing the Devil

We might assume that, if David was truly traumatized by a satanic cult, he would want nothing more to do with satanism. But here is a photo of David, circa 2012, when he chose to don devil horns, a whip, and a devilish grimace for the camera. David’s story, I believe, is mostly storytelling for dramatic effect and sympathy.

Needless to say, I am done with David Shurter. I took my interview down from YouTube because I do not want to appear to endorse him in any way. I will file copyright infringement against anyone who uploads my Shurter video to YouTube.

I cannot in good conscience endorse David as a leader in the survivor community. He is simply too volatile, and utterly lacking in critical thinking skills. Let’s work to help all survivors in their healing, not just those who have elect themselves leaders.

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