Stacy Lynne Custody Case Follow-up

I am saddened when well-meaning, good-hearted people are duped into doing stupid things by dishonest internet talk show hosts such as Dave Hodges. He had mothers across the country afraid of being politically active for fear of losing their children. I am further saddened when a mother loses custody of her child, for any reason. […]

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John DeCamp Dies at Age 76

John DeCamp passed away Thursday, July 27, 2017. John DeCamp has passed. May he finally find relief from years of excruciating pain from a back injury suffered in Viet Nam. One of the brightest men I have known, his cognitive abilities deteriorated after a head-on car collision in 2011 [READ MORE]. He also reportedly suffered […]

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Trump Successfully Fights Worldwide Pedophile Ring

On February 23, 2017 Donald Trump held a meeting in the White House to direct the Dept of Justice, Dept of Homeland Security, and others, to use the “full force and weight of our government at the highest levels” to end the Human Trafficking epidemic domestically and internationally (while Trump-bashers stubbornly cling to the delusion […]

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Amazon Fascism with UPDATE*

I purchased ink cartridges on Amazon for a new printer. It was disturbing to discover that the yellow cartridge was apparently defective BEFORE being packed into my shipment. It leaked all over, ruining a new pair of slacks. It would not click into its slot and would not stay in place, so my printer was […]

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Google Severely Attacked This Website – To Delist It

On March 13, 2017, this website was SEVERELY hacked. ONLY GOOGLE could have added the user to my Google Account who launched that attack. At the heart of the attack was my interview of Rusty Nelson. That page, and a few others, were entirely replaced with Japanese jabberwocky. That fake Google user, btw, used the […]

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Israel is Bombing Syria — NOT the Russians

I have 100% reliable information that ISRAEL is dropping bombs on Syria, NOT RUSSIA. This information comes unsolicited from a family friend of over 30 years. He is excited to tell people about his service as a “good Christian” by coordinating investments of $200 Million generated through Focus on the Family, based in Colorado Springs, […]

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Jews Exempt Themselves from Serving in “Stupid Goyim” Wars

… the dumb goyim will fight while we profit, with the aid of our friend in Washington.
Powerful Jews will be on all Draft Boards, and Jewish physicians will protect you from military service. Arrangements are already made to exempt you, in case religious exemption cannot be prepared in time.
You are warned to renounce, abjure, repudiate and deny any of this information if questioned by Gentiles, even under oath, as outlined in the Talmud and justified for the preservation of our race.

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Why David Shurter’s Video was Taken Down

I cannot confirm that David is credible, or honest. He is definitely not honorable. David is a professional victim, with an unquenchable need for attention and sympathy, who tries to manipulate circumstances so to always appear as the victim, even when he is, in fact, the victimizer.

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Kinsey, Pedophilia and the Zionist Rothschild Agenda

Most disturbing to me was Kinsey’s definition of “orgasm,” which included

  • screaming
  • writhing in pain
  • hysterics (especially among younger children)
  • convulsions
  • fainting
  • striking the partner (the adult rapist) trying to get away
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Barbara Bush was most likely fathered by satanist Aleister Crowley

Barbara Bush, wife of George H. W. Bush, was most likely fathered by satanist Aleister Crowley This information may at first seem ridiculous, but the source is Aleister Crowley’s own diary, and is substantiated by historical facts. When Crowley was 50 years old, he was residing in the home of Frank and Nellie O’Hara in […]

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