Amazon Fascism with UPDATE*

Amazon Fascism with UPDATE*

I purchased ink cartridges on Amazon for a new printer. It was disturbing to discover that the yellow cartridge was apparently defective BEFORE being packed into my shipment. It leaked all over, ruining a new pair of slacks. It would not click into its slot and would not stay in place, so my printer was unusable until I purchased a yellow cartridge locally at three times the price.

When I tried to notify the seller, I got a cheerful response that they would be happy to refund my order, if only I would return it. But I was not about to send leaking ink cartridges through return mail. The US Post Office frowns upon leaking liquids being sent through their system, especially permanent inks. Amazon’s automatic response offered NO MEANS TO CONTACT THE SELLER DIRECTLY. Perhaps it was Amazon’s shipping department which substituted the defective ink cartridge. The seller may indeed be willing to make things right, either by sending a new yellow cartridge, and/or by paying to replace my destroyed clothing, but, thanks to AMAZON’s FASCIST POLICIES, I will never know.

The seller sent a second automated email, soliciting my review of their product. So I shared my experience, pointing at the problem with Amazon’s automated response system. Amazon REJECTED my comment. They sent a link to their “Community Guidelines” which listed a plethora of reasons for rejecting comments. NONE of their guidelines were relevant to my situation. AMAZON JUST DIDN’T LIKE BEING CRITICIZED. PERIOD. Not only was I never given a clear reason for rejection, AMAZON’s FASCISM denied me the opportunity to rewrite my comment to meet their guidelines.


BOTH myself and the seller suffered under AMAZON FASCISM. The seller, Sherman Inks and Toner Cartridges, was never made aware of the problem, so they were never allowed to remedy the situation. They got a black eye, and I was expected to absorb my losses, without complaint.

This is not the first time I have encountered AMAZON FASCISM. I used to sell items on Amazon. After several years, they suddenly demanded my social security number. Amazon acknowledged that the LAW only required this information from those who sold over, I think it was 30 items or $600 per year. I fell under that threshold. But AMAZON bragged that they were simply being “proactive.” What a sweet way to declare they are above the law!

There are more and more alternatives to AMAZON FASCISM sprouting up every day. I recommend trying them out.

Amazon Email

Amazon Banned me from Selling the SAME Product THEY SELL.


*Apparently, Amazon did not appreciate this article, because as soon as I posted it, Amazon took down my listing for reselling some printer inks WHICH I PURCHASED ON AMAZON.COM. Their “logic” was I couldn’t sell it because it was not official Canon brand. If you search on, you will find that OVER 95% OF INKS SOLD ON AMAZON.COM ARE “COMPATIBLE” KNOCK-OFFs of Canon and other brands. Why are thousands of other sellers exempt from this criteria? When did Canon start dictating Amazon’s selling policies?

Amazon threatened that my account would be TERMINATED if I tried to repost this listing. Welcome to FASCIST GLOBAL TYRANNY. Amazon is only one branch of the larger Beast, which includes Google and Facebook. Don’t I remember something in the Bible about not being able to buy or sell without taking the Mark of the Beast?

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