Monthly Archives: December 2007

Wikipedia Tries to Pass off Franklin Coverup as “HOAX”

DECEMBER 18, 2007 Wikipedia is once again trying to pass DeCamp’s book off as a “hoax,” even though A ONE MILLION DOLLAR JUDGMENT WAS AWARDED. Numerous submissions have been made to correct this fraud by removing the word “hoax.” So ridiculous is this attempt to disavow the truth behind this coverup, Wikipedia finally substituted “ALLEGATIONS” […]

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John DeCamp’s Back Surgery Fails

December 18, 2007 After barely recovering from his most recent back surgery in May of 2007, former Nebraska Senator John DeCamp is back in the hospital. Radical experimental surgery was the latest attempt to leave Mr. DeCamp with some flexibility in his spine. It involved grafting human bone tissue into each of John’s vertebrae, then […]

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